Updates Soon

Hey Culture Fusion readers! Things have been a bit hectic here at ground zero. Changing jobs, moving offices and lots of business meetings (drunken debauchery and lechery) has left the crew here a bit drained for the last several months. Things seem to be stabilizing however. The Husker Du review series will be completed within the next several weeks, hopefully an album a day time permitting. They don’t have a lot of albums so it shouldn’t take too long. We’re all busy bees here but hopefully we’ll get everything in line soon.

Busy Bee Time!

A few new writers are going to be added to the site in the coming days. “Cassette Reviews” will be written by cassette fan Caruso. These reviews will focus on reviews of new indie label cassettes coming from a variety of sources. Movie reviews will also be added as will creative fiction as well as poetry works and even comedy ideas. Video reviews as well as skits will also be added. The only thing holding us back are our day jobs. Gotta pay those bills after all!

See you soon,

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A multi-effort web review periodical of varied cultural landmarks curated by Eric Benac: freelance writer, journalist, artist, musician, comedian, and 30-ish fellow caught in and trying to make sense of the slipstream of reality.

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