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Attention Deficit Diaries Presents… ‘Raucousness & Rape’

Welcome to Lucille Riley’s first official installment as ‘Attention Deficit Diaries’. Her first run was a test run, and it proved so popular that she’s back for more. Again, there’s NO explanation as to what her work means. It’s simply presented – as is – for your entertainment and consideration.






Introducing ‘Attention Deficit Diaries’

Lucille Riley is an Oregon based photographer who has studied fine arts in the best schools in Canada, and who also has years of experience working in nurseries. She will be taking pictures for Culture Fusion sporadically. She prefers that her pictures speak for themselves, so without further ado, here are her photos!

All photography is the sole property of Lucille Riley and are licensed by handshake agreement to Culture Fusion.

Beach Back Flip Photo

Beach Back Flip Two

Beach Back Flip Three

Beach Baclk Flip Four